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Philippines Travel Safety Tips: Tourists Ultimate Guide

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This beautiful country is full of natural blessings located in Southeast Asia. No country in the entire region is so overlooked and missed like the Philippines. As this country is gorgeous, its people are also friendly. Travel within the Philippines is not so expensive.

The Philippines offers a 30 day Visa, which I think is not enough to visit and explore the entire Philippines.
The Philippines is an island nation and is made of more than 7,000 islands. The tourists who visit the Philippines, can find lush jungles, scheduled beaches, sprawling amazing rice terraces. There is also a wide range of cultures you can explore in the Philippines.
The Philippines is part of the Pacific Coral Triangle. It makes the Philippines the Hub of Scuba Diving.
Lets give you some tips for safety and tour guide in the Philippines.

Safe Destination Decision

Everything is not perfect. Where all of the Philippines is safe for tourists, there are also some areas that are dangerous and there is a broad no-go zone, Specially Zamboanga Peninsula and the Sulu Archipelago included in no-go zone because these places are full of danger.

There are multiple incidents and violences reported in these areas like kidnappings, frequent clashes with Filipino security forces.

So during your trip you have to choose your destination safely. For this you have to gather information about which areas are safe and easy to enjoy for tourists. Make your destination safe and your trip memorable.

Never Compromise on Your Health:
When you are in the Philippines, it is highly recommended to wear your comfortable shoes and any other flip flops all the time.
If you want to ruin your vacation, you can walk barefoot otherwise you have to save your vacation as well as your health as well by wearing shoes even on beaches. Because on beaches, sand is contaminated with faeces which injure your feet badly for a long time.

Therefore, you have to always make sure that you are safe by wearing shoes in the Philippines.

Stay Away from Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is a common issue in the Philippines. It has different ranges from mild inconvenience to serious health issues.
Nobody will like to spend its costly vacation trip in the bathroom due to it.
In the Philippines , street food looks more delicious but you are not sure that this food is also hygienic as well. So you have to take serious precautions while enjoying local cuisine.
Second thing is that you should use pure mineral bottled water not tap water. Because tape water contains minerals and causes health problems.
While touching your food you have to wash your hands with soap to eliminate bacteria and prevent the infection of food poisoning.

Avoid from Illegal Activities

Imagine how it will feel while enjoying your vacation if you spend some time in the prison of the Philippines. If you use drugs and somewhere need your medical in that country and your test gets positive, you will go to prison and the rules of the Philippines are strict for foreigners.
So stay away from any kind of buying or drinking drugs during your journey in the Philippines and save yourself from the severe results of the Philippine Government.

Keep Weather Update

Estimated 20 typhoons are prone annually in the Philippines and mostly between June and december. These typhoons cause great flooding and destruction in the Philippines’ property and loss of life as well.
In tropical days, it is crucial to be informed easily by local news and it’s better option is to stay informed regarding typhoons at Philippine Atmospheric Administration PAGASA website.

Buy Your New Philippine’ Sim Card:
Your trip is for short days or even if you have a low budget, I strongly suggest you purchase your sim card as soon as possible after reaching the Philippines. Without a phone, you will be at risk in the Philippines. Without phones, when you rely on strangers for help in the Philippines, they scam with you.
Make sure your phone is unlocked to network after buying sim. Sometimes people have to face locked network problems and they can’t use the internet or wifi. This thing creates a little bit more problem for the tourists.

Use Grab While Enjoying Philippine

Grab taxis are safe because their journey is tracked and recorded. That’s why it is safer to use than public taxis even if you are a single female traveller. These rates are so cheap and you have to pay according to metre reading.
Before starting your journey from your home, you have to download the Grab app and at the airport you can easily grab. You can check its fare from the app as well. The interesting thing is that if you have no cash you can pay with a card as well. The complete and super guidance is present in the Grab app.

Stay Few Days in Your Dream Hotel

If you are suspicious about visiting the beauty of the Philippines, spend 2 to 3 days in your dream hotel which you book during your vacation. Its safe and comfortable systema and beautiful track make you normal and out of danger. After this you will be mentally ready to go out and explore the beauty of the Philippines. You should also know a little bit about its currency and you should use mostly cash because in some areas there are not so many banks and even ATM machines.

Luggage Protection

It is a clear thing that during your vacation in the Philippines, you have to become more cautious to take care of your luggage. Sometimes when visitors are busy eating in the restaurants, cafes and bars, their items are stolen by Filipinos. Keep your bag in your lap even if you are easting and cautious about your phone by keeping it in your pocket or bag but not on the table even if you are not using the phone.
Talking with strangers is also a time to remain cautious and take care of yourself, your cash and luggage as well.

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