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Philippines: The Ultimate Dive Destination!!

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The Philippines? Ah, where the waves kiss the shores of over 7,000 islands. A playground for divers. And what’s not to love? From the vast blue yonder of the open sea to the intricate dance of tiny sea creatures in the shallows, this Southeast Asian jewel is the spot for an underwater escapade.

1. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
Ever been in the middle of the Sulu Sea? No? Here’s why you should. Tubbataha. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Vast. Vivid. Home to sharks and manta rays. Plus turtles. Did I mention the fish? So. Many. Colors. A diver’s canvas.

2. Apo Island
Close to Negros. A place where time slows. Sea turtles everywhere! Swimming. Resting. It’s not just about diving deep but feeling the tranquility. Macro photographers, get ready to be spoiled.

3. Anilao, Batangas
Here’s a fun name: “Nudibranch Capital of the World.” Small creatures, big spectacle. Blue-ringed octopuses, flamboyant cuttlefish, and nudibranchs of all shapes and sizes. Dive here, and you’re in for a treat.

4. Malapascua Island
Ever seen a thresher shark? With a tail that seems to go on forever? Malapascua. Morning dives. Whipping tails. Grace in motion.

5. Coron, Palawan
History. Underwater. WWII Japanese warships, resting eternally. Dive among ghosts of the past. Eerie. Enchanting. Coron.

6. Puerto Galera
Mindoro’s gem. Canyons, drifts, colors that defy imagination. Dive sites? Many. Divers? From the newbie to the salt-crusted sea dog.

The Grand Dive
Year-round diving. Best between November and June. And the food? Oh, the food. The Philippines doesn’t just offer dives—it’s a symphony for the senses. From the mesmerizing blue to the flavors on the shore, this archipelago has stories, mysteries, and wonders galore. Dive. Discover. Delight.

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