Overseas Filipinos-Economic Hero of the World.

Due to high unemployment in the Philippines, Filipinos go abroad to different countries and work as Overseas Filipinos.

 The updated states in June 2023 showed that unemployment increased 4.5%. 

Due to the alarming level of unemployment, Filipinos were unable to meet the basic needs of their families.


 Due to family responsibilities and insecurity, pressure forced most of the population of the Philippines to work abroad. 


Filipinos working in different fields in different countries to fulfil their dreams of High Salary Packages, Luxury Lifestyle and Secure Life.  

If you are interested, then come and talk about the 8 best countries where Filipinos are working.


1: United States

2: Saudi Arabia

3: Qatar

4: UAE 

5: Australia

6:  Kuwait

7: Japan

8: Singapore


Now we are going to discuss all countries one by one in detail.

1: United States:

The United States is the major country where Filipinos overseas perform a great role in different fields and get the highest remittance by the government of the United States for the Philippines. 

Filipino overseas workers are living here in two forms, 1st form is Green Visa card ,and become the permanent citizen of the United States and second is on a descendants basis for a short term visa. The Filipinos who are educated and set their life according to their capabilities in the Business field and other Science fields which pay out handsome salaries working there.

2: Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the top rated country in the Middle East where Filipinos Overseas Workers are in large numbers. This country provides different work options for better opportunities and this is the main reason Filipinos get the highest rate remittance for the Philippines. Filipinos also love this country.

3: Qatar:

Qatar is included in the “Safe to Work” country list where 2,60,000 Filipinos are present in two forms. The 1st form is migrants. The 2nd form is Descendants. The main field in which Filipinos are working in Qatar is Construction and Infrastructure and service based jobs. 

Filipinos who are experts and working in these fields are getting 3000 to 3500 Qatari riyals per month.

4: Kuwait:

The oil-rich country Kuwait has also included Filipinos in both forms, migrants and descendants.

 Most Filipinos work as domestic employers.

 Filipinos working there in the IT fields, domestic and agreement fields. 

Many Filipinos violated the bilateral agreement and now they are not able to visit Kuwait.

2,41,000 Filipinos are still working in Kuwait.

5: Australia:

The main reason for Filipino workers to go to Australia is that Australia’s  economy is strong. It provides the best opportunities for workers. Filipinos enjoy there by seeing amazing multi-cultural lifestyles. The best rule of Australians is they try their best to maintain a balance between life and work. Sydney is the main place where Filipinos overseas are living. 

6: Kuwait:

Kuwait’s currency is the strongest all over the world. Kuwait has unlimited oil reserves and needs domestic helpers to run the oil harness work. A significant number of Filipinos Overseas, 2,68,000 are working in Kuwait. If you want to estimate their salaries, they are earning 110 KD to 120 KD per month which is a handsome salary.

7: Japan:

3.2% to total Filipinos overseas are present in Japan and working in different fields. Filipinos are working in Japan as factory workers, software engineers, language teachers and Health fields. If we talk about their salaries, the beginner Filipinos are getting P54,548 monthly wages. And If Filipinos are on expert level then they are getting P377,640 per month salary. 

8: Singapore:

About 2,000,000 Filipinos are working in Singapore, which is 5.6% of total Filipinos Overseas. The interesting fact is that without a Visa Filipinos can go to Singapore and they do not require Qurantine. They can live there for 1 month free. Second interesting thing is that people need a “Work Pass” to work in Singapore. Here it is the little bit tough to find a job because of saturation in the fields. You have to work on your resume and your practical skills.



Filipinos Overseas Workers are performing best in economic development of all over the world and ultimately Philippines also. They are “Economic Hero”and also become the World’s Mouth. Filipinos Overseas not just complete their own family dreams but perform a great role to stabilise the world economically. 

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