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Let’s Uncovered Manila and Exploring the Heart of the Philippines

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Manila is the Capital of the Philippines and its diverse culture, stunning architecture and rich history made it more beautiful. Historic landmarks play a great role in calling Manila as the heart of the Philippines. It is located in the south region of Luzon.It is the Spanish form od native Mynila.
Come and explore 8 Best Places in Manila and estimate the level of beauty Of Manila.

1: Walk through Rizal Park

The first place of the most tourists and explorers is Rizal Park. People also called it Luneta Park. It uncovered the symbol of a peaceful and beautiful outdoor garden, which is located in the heart of Manila. It has become a social gathering place because people arranged open air concerts and chess plaza there.
The paved pathways in the park are not just for walking but it looks like the path to a lush green landscape which is full of blooming flowers and ponds. It’s not enough, by walking on this paradise pathway, you will find 40 interesting spots where you can enjoy a lot. These 40 points have statues to memorise the history of that destination. There is also a century old Monument of Rizal, it is actually the remaining house of the most celebrated heroes of the Philippines, Dr Jose Rizal.

You can learn about the local flora and fauna during the enjoyment. You can also explore the Philippines’ national tree, Narra tree. There is also a small lake in the park on which artificially worked to raise it as archipelagos structure in the middle.

2: Manilas’ Oldest Section Intramuros

When you are in Manila, it is impossible to leave Intramuros during exploration. It is the oldest part of Manila, full of history and is popular for its “walled fortress”. Its history is that in the 1500s to 1800s, there was Spanish Colonial Times, it was known as “walled city”.

There is a 3 mile long stone wall in the Intramuros that surrounds the district manila. You can also walk through its grounds and explore historically but before going there, you need some guidance also.

3: Deep Ocean Park: If you are a diving lover and you are also an expert in diving, you should explore Ocean Park. It is a unique adventure in Manila. You can interact with Sharks and Rays encounters.. The interesting thing is fish spa, where fish clean your feet in a small pool of water. These adventures on Ocean Park took many hours and you can never estimate this passing time. With the enjoyment of art and aquatic life , you can also get exhibitions of birds and animals. Marine Theme Park is its 2nd name. With aquatic attractions and educational explorations, you can also shop there. Hostel H20 is also present at the Ocean Park where you can sleep and enjoy the surrounding aquarium.

4: San Agustin Church and Museum

It is one of the popular places of Manila and is a national treasure.It is a UNESCO World Heritage. Its building has a reflection of its unique history. When you look deeply, you will find the taste of both Chinese and Spanish in the design of the building. Manila has faced the challenges of battles and many natural disasters and due to this, it is rebuilt many times to save this unique history.
Its large wooden doors are always open to the chapel, they also have carvings to pay close attention.
5: Fort Santiago:
When you are visiting Manila city, Fort Santiago is an impressive and peaceful stop. It is also the historical site of Manila. This fortress was used as a key to protect the Intramuros, which is now famous as Walled City in the 16th century.
You should explore its grounds in your maximum time to touch its history. Bullet markings are also available on the fortress walls to guide you about the history and fortress.

6: Manila Bay: The View of Skyline

Manila Bay waterfront is one of the most scenic and enjoyable things in this city. There is no cost to enjoy there because it is the natural harbour which is always bustling with amazing activity. You can enjoy the amazing view of Skyline by walking a long time at sunset on Manila Bay free of cost. You have nothing to pay to enjoy this wonderful place and scenery.

There are also yachts and smaller boats present on the bayfront. There are also open air cafes present there to enjoy skyline scenes while eating some delicious snacks. Local people are taking their morning jogging.
You can also book a bayfront dinner to enjoy the landmark, dinner and evening multiple amazing scenes.

7: Philippines National Museum

The main source to discover Filipino History is the National Museum of Philippines. It is the hub of Filipino Culture and while exploring you will feel amazing.
In this museum, there are extensive collections of Filipino culture . Artifacts relating to art, anthropology, archeology, zoology and natural history are also present. The sense of place in the museum is telling the history of culture itself. You can find many historical attractions there.

8: Admire Quiapo Church and Public Square

One of the oldest and admired catholic churches in Manila is the Quiapo Church, never forget its formal name Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. There is also a plaza which surrounds the church and is congested sometimes during the day. This makes it an interesting and admiring place to visit in Manila. Friday is the worship day for Filipinos in the church and they gather in a square and worship in the form of praying for the novena. That’s why this day is the busiest day for Filipinos

Despite gathering in the church, it also has its own attraction for the coming visitors.

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