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Eat Bulaga  and Noontime Enjoyment!!!

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Eat Bulaga is a noontime enjoyment show. Due to its popularity in the Philippines, it is the longest running Tv show. It is hosted by three most popular entertainers named as Tito, Vic and Joey.  In 2023, Eat Bulaga celebrated its 44th anniversary. Now it has become appointment TV and its beloved audience waits for its original time of broadcast to watch.

Eat Bulaga produced by Television and its major role performed by Production Exponents TAPE.lnc. Besides production, Eat Bulaga has aired on the best broadcast network, which is known as the second best network, GMA since 1995. During its long journey, Eat Bulaga faced thousands of challenges and difficulties but it never compromised on their interest and target audiences’ joy and happiness and laughter. 

Come and spot a light on the history of Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga and Its History: 

Production Specialists.lnc was the company which was owned by two persons named as sportscaster Dick Ildefonso and businessman Romeo Jalosjos, first time producing Eat Bulaga. 

Right after, the main business of PSI’s was the telecast of games of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), which started in the late 1970s and early 80s. Tony Tuviera was jobless at that time and hired by Romeo Jalosjos in PSI as a producer on a monthly salary of P2,000.

That time the main problem was that PBA renews annually and that was not so beneficial in revenue. PSI started to think that we should develop stable and permanent TV programs and generate high and profitable revenue. Jalosjos gave the suggestions to his team to develop noontime multiple shows and tried to cross that time with the famous tv show “Student Canteen”.  In 2016 Tuvier gave an interview and told Jalosjos about his production that his TV program would go against that time famous and top rating show named as “ on wall banging our heads”.

Still that fledgling company went ahead with his popularity and top rating. The main challenge  was to find a strong personality as a host that would act as an anchor of the show. With strong efforts they managed to catch a trio of newcomers named as Siblings Vicente, Marvic Sotto and Joey De Leon. And a trio of these newcomers collectively known as Tito, Vic and Joy. These three people were like a family and were happy with their performance with the early evening program whose name was Discorama. At student canteen on occasional appearances they also performed after their main host was on leave. 

Finally on July 30, 1979, Eat Bulaga premiered on RPN-9. Besides TVJ, the original host was Chiqui Hollman, who served as foil to the wacky trio and comedian was RIchie D’ Horsey. The starting months were totally rough and when they got the report stated that 1st month was dismissal by 5.2% versus Student Canteen’s that was 57.6%.

In this difficult and challenging time, the show’s advertising rates reduced from standard P2,000 to P750 or even at extremely lower price P500 on pay before broadcast terms. Eat Bulaga failed to generate revenue, PBA still making money but the team felt empty space regarding revenue from Eat Bulaga. 

After sometime in December 1979, Eat Bulaga started getting improve and achieved 20 rating verses from student canteen which was 44 but still there was much more to do for Eat Bulaga improvement because the goal of achievement of Eat Bulaga was high and it has to achieve that goal in every condition.

It was a difficult time when the bank garnished PSI meaning it was not allowed to use PSI accounts anymore. Because PSI had enough debt at that time to get the success of Eat Bulaga. Then Jalosjos decided and accepted the challenge that if Eat Bulaga is not successful in the coming six months, i will close it. 

How Eat Bulaga Winning the Rating War:

After three months later, a magical segment “Mr Macho” broadcasted in Eat Bulaga and hit that time and got the rating 31 verses Student Canteen 29. That was the main turning point and successful point of the Eat Bulaga show.  What exactly is the “Mr Macho” segment? It was actually a male beauty pageant that was developed to compete with a popular female version on rival shows. In December 1980, it was the 1st time when Eat Bulaga hit the student canteen and got its position.

In 1981, TAPE incorporated in Eat Bulaga and after two years Eat Bulaga was still bleeding money. But still Eat Bulaga was in debt and in the era of TAPE, it went from 8 Million to P 12 million down. TAPE was a new company at that time and the bank was not allowed to receive salaries to the staff.

 After this ABS-CBN signed a contract of 5 to 6 years and made new policies. At the last, GMA entered and performed a great role to develop Eat Bulaga and is still working with GMA. At last the Eat Bulaga started getting success and ratings year after year. 

By the time, Eat Bulaga had to face different challenges in its competitor market but it remained like a strong and playable and never lost hope and also did not compromise on the quality of production of broadcast shows for their Philippine beloved and interested target audience. 

Now-a-days the Eat Bulaga got itself at a crossroads. After success, internal conflicts start to report. It’s main is that Jalosjos shared his desire to kick out the main pillars and loving producers of Eat Bulaga named as Tito, Vic and Joey. Other networks start to open the door to welcome these three famous and popular producers and get the destination of success like Eat Bulaga. 

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