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15 Most Celebrated Filipinos Cultural Festivals !

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The Philippines is famous all over the world not just for its natural wonders but also for the most celebrated festivals and cultures. The Filipinos celebrated the festivals throughout the year on holidays, weekends and top festival basis. These vibrant festivals pictured the history, passion and creativity of Filipinos. These festivals are celebrated for different timespans. Some festivals are celebrated for one day, some are for weeks and even some are celebrated for months.
Come with us and experience the most colourful culture of the Philippines by knowing its most celebrated and vibrant festivals. Most stunning and celebrated 15 festivals, I am gonna share with you.

1: Filipinos Sinulog Festival

The most celebrated festival of the entire nation is the Sinulog Festival which occurs on the third Sunday Of January in Cebu City. The reason to celebrate this festival is to honour Santo Nino. It is also known as Santo Nino Festival. It is celebrated for 9 days and also famous for street parties and parades.
It’s actually a religious and cultural festival. In this festival Filipinos parade in the street on the Sinulog drum beat to Honor Santo Nino and Holy Child Jesus. The dance in this festival symbolises the water in current means two steps forward and 1 step back work. Most significant colours used in this festival like red, magenta, yellow, sea-blue and yellow-green.

2: Panagbenga Flower Festival

The longest festival celebrated in the Philippines is the “Panagbenga Festival” for one month and is famous for Flowers. It is also known as the Flower Festival celebrated in Baguio City in February. When seasonal flowers start blooming in every february, Filipinos celebrate these flower festivals and also pay tribute to cross the Luzon earthquake devastating 1990.
Boats decorated with these flowers and parade in the entire Baguio City. Children and adults are also adorned with flowers to follow this parade.

3: Filipinos Ati-Atihan Festival

This festival is called “Mother of All Festivals”because this is the oldest and biggest festival and became the inspiration of many other small and big festivals.It occurred in Kalibo Aklan, third Sunday of January for one week. The festival’s activities start from sunrise and remain for sunset. Filipinos paint their faces in this festival and parade dance in streets with indigenous costumes.They also use Mardi Gras in this festival.

This festival highlights the tribal dance, the Catholic rituals, booming drum beats, and loud chants, which will make any other heart to dance in spite of Filipinos.

4: Pahiyas Festival

It is the annual festival, tribute to San Isidro Labrador, who is the patron saint of Farmers. In May in Lucban Quezon City, when farmers harvest their grains, they celebrate a festival also known as Harvest Festival. In this festival, different grains like fruits, wheat, rice are displayed in their houses and tribute to farmers. Like other festivals, parade and dancing celebrations also occur in this festival.

5: Kadayawan Festival

The thanksgiving and the most anticipated festival is the Kadayawan Festival for the people of Davao started in the third week of august. Filipinos celebrated this festival to thank for the gifts in the form of harvest grain, fruits, rice and natural gifts for good and peaceful life. The most loving and amazing celebrations of this festival are, floral floats, street dancing, beauty pageants and firework displays. The local people of Davao city also showcase their harvested products like fruits, grains and rice.

6: Pamulinawen Festival

It is the feast day of Saint William the Hermit. This festival is celebrated in the city of Laoag in February. This festival attracts both tourists as well as local people. It is the showcase of rich IIukano culture. It is also the Christianity. This festival shows the culture of thai city by a number of amazing activities like Parade of boats throughout the city, Street dancing competition is the main activity and beauty of this festival.

7: Higantes Festival

This festival is held annually by local people of Angono, Rizal on 23 November. In this festival hundreds of puppets are prepared for a parade to remember the history of Spanish and honour the region’s people. It also represents the culture of Spanish. Filipinos enjoy this festival so much. Tourists also like this festival.

8: Pista ng Nazareno

This festival is also named as Traslacion. This festival is held annually on January 09, in Manila City of Filippine. This festival is held to honour a wooden image of Christ, which has great history and it is the reminder of that man, his efforts and success as well. Like other festivals, there are a number of activities held in this festival as well.

9: Pampanga Lantern Festival

Pampanga Lantern Festival which is also known as Giant Lantern Festival, held in San Fernando in December. This festival was held to honour the President Manuel Quezon. In this festival, Christmas lanterns are used that symbolise hope and salvation. By this festival these people give an amazing message that it is driving out darkness and hope for success in the coming time.

10: Parada ng Lechon Festival

In English this is known as “Parade of Roast Pigs” but in Filipinos It became Parada ng Lechon Festival. In this festival. This religious and cultural festival was held on June 24, in Balayan, Batangas, Philippines. This festival also used to honour St.John the Baptist. Many celebrated activities are held in this festival like. Lechon Parade and water dousing.

11:Moriones Festival

It is also the Holy Week Festival which is held in Marinduque, in March and April. This festival is celebrated to honour the ST Longinus. In this festival you will see a combination of Catholic Pageantry with folk mysticism. In centurion costumes, people also wear don and helmet. Theatrical play held in which local people play the role of ST. Longinus and then people hide in their houses and play a game and other people search them. People enjoy this festival so much.

12: Sandugo Festival

It is the historical and memorable festival which is celebrated annually in Tagbilaran city on the island of Bohol in July. This festival commemorates the friendship and blood compact between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Datu Sikatuna was a chieftain in Bohol and Miguel Lopez was a Spanish conquistador.

13: International Balloon and Music Festival in Lubao

It is a hot air balloon festival in Lubao, Pampanga which is held in April. It’s not just a hot air balloon festival but also a great combination of music performances. During this festival, these balloons and music create a stunning and thrilling atmosphere and Filipinos enjoy the whole night.

14: Kahimunan Festival

This festival celebrate the rich culture heritage of Butuan city in January. In this festival, there is representation of dance performance, indigenous music. In this festival, there is also a display of local products.

15: Lanzones Festival

This festival is held in October to honour Lanzones fruits in Camiguin. In this festival people enjoy fruit float parade and street dancing. The special celebration in this festival is the crowning of the Festival Queen.

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