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Island’s Dream Life in the Philippines!!!

Island life in the Philippines is a dream which comes true for thousands of people. It offers stunning natural beauty, an atmosphere full of relaxation and peace and a unique festival culture experience. In this article you will explore the Philippines island living which is the world of beauty. When you explore thousands of islands from pristine beaches to vibrant …

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Philippine Cinema: A Window into Filipino Culture

Cinemas are a part of enjoyment culture like Michelangelo’s Statues which are famous part of artistic culture. The trend of this culture started in the Philippines on August 31, 1897 when movies and pictures were first introduced in Manila at the Salon de Pertierra. In this year, the first time local scenes of a film were shot by Antonio Ramos …

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Philippines Travel Safety Tips: Tourists Ultimate Guide

This beautiful country is full of natural blessings located in Southeast Asia. No country in the entire region is so overlooked and missed like the Philippines. As this country is gorgeous, its people are also friendly. Travel within the Philippines is not so expensive. The Philippines offers a 30 day Visa, which I think is not enough to visit and …

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Let’s Uncovered Manila and Exploring the Heart of the Philippines

Manila is the Capital of the Philippines and its diverse culture, stunning architecture and rich history made it more beautiful. Historic landmarks play a great role in calling Manila as the heart of the Philippines. It is located in the south region of Luzon.It is the Spanish form od native Mynila. Come and explore 8 Best Places in Manila and …

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10 Filipino Desserts: A Sweet Adventure

If you are a sweet lover and looking to try something different , you should definitely explore the Philippine amazing desserts with extraordinary taste . With delicious offerings, these 10 Filipino desserts are best to sweeten your taste buds. Come and taste these deserts one by one. 1: Puto Dessert A traditional warm fluffy cake with delicate aroma of rice …

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